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if you want to get better at golf

if you want to have fun 

if you want to make a friend

if you want to have a fan 

if you want to be made fun of

i think you found the right guy

making friends and teaching golf 

coach matt palsenbarg.jpg

May 2020 Matt Palsenbarg started with his new position as Director Of Instruction at Point Grey Golf and Country Club. Point Grey is an exclusive private golf course in Vancouver BC.   Point Grey was looking for a teaching professional to lead their new multi-million-dollar state of the art practice facility.  The opportunity to work at the best academy facility in Canada with Trackman Range was a chance he could not pass up. The facility which is known as "the Farm" was designed by new leading architect Riley John.

 Matt has been working in the golf industry for over 20+ years and was coaching for 19 years at Northview Golf and Country Club. His coaching and playing have taken him all over the globe. Matt has a true passion for coaching and making players better. This same passion led to becoming one of the most in-demand coaches in the Vancouver area. In 2010 he took over as Director of Instruction title at the Northview Golf Academy. That same year he also founded the Tour Performance LAB Program with his business partner Jason Glass who is one of the worlds leading golf fitness presenters and educators.

Matt had a great team of 4 golf professionals and a full-time Golf Fitness coach working for him at the Northview Golf Academy. Matt went the route of building a team to make sure everyone has the opportunity to come to Northview and get first-class instruction and coaching in a team environment. Matt works closely with team members to be sure quality and professionalism are extended into every program.

Matt Palsenbarg is also a family man with an amazing and supportive wife in Jenn Forbes which is the glue behind everything. With there little girl and boy Matt makes sure to find a balance between coaching and time at home. It's with this appreciation that Matt understands what the value of time is not just the monetary means but the commitment to the game. Matt wants to be sure you're learning in an efficient timeline and enjoying the process. He wants you to make the most of your time on the golf course and away from work and family.

In 2015 he coached at 2 PGA tour Events with one of the event pulling double duty as Caddy. He also coached at an LPGA Tour event in the summer of 2015. He has worked with BC Golf as a Provincial coach since 2008. He has taken 4 BC teams to the Canadian Junior Boys. He has also taken BC teams to International competitions as well as coaching the BC team to the Gold in both Boys and Girls at the Western Canada Summer Games.

Matt works hard and as he says " I know some stuff about stuff" He wants to make you a better golfer. He has worked hard to make sure he has the answers your looking for. He has the equipment to help make the process faster and easier. He has invested in his education at a level few have. He is always learning and always wants to keep learning. You won't find a coach that enjoys the process of making golfers better more than Matt.


  • PGA of Canada CNC Certified 

  • PGA of Canada CDC Trained (Coaching Developing Player)

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Certified Golf Professional (highest level)

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Certified Junior Coach

  • Vision54 Coaches Course 32+ hours. 2 days of What to Coach and 2 days of How to Coach

  • Titleist Certified Fitter

  • SNAG Certified Coach

  • NCCP level 4 certified

  • Sport Canada Coaching competitor Comp A and B certified

  • Attended over 160 hours of seminars and learning sessions


  • 2009 PGA of Canada Assistants Champion (70-67-69 -10 total won by 1 shot)

  • 2010 PGA of BC Assistants Champion (67, 63-course record at Chilliwack to win by 5 strokes)

  • 2007 PGA of BC Assistants Champion

  • 2016 PGA of BC Pro Assistants Champion with LAB Coach John Shin

  • 2018 Vancouver Golf Club Pro-Am (66 bogie free)

  • 2018 GandG Tour 71.5 Scoring average 3rd on Order of Merit

  • 2018 PGA of BC Tournament of Champions with Jake Scarrow 62 Best Ball Tobiano

  • 2019 PGA of BC Tournament of Champions with Jackson Jacob 64 Best Ball Northview Ridge

  • 2 time Vegas Baby Pro-Am Champion (08,09)

  • 2018 4th BC Match Play Win with James Allenby x BC Match Play Champion (05,08,17,18)

  • Course Record 61 on the Ridge Course Gold tees (career-low -11 in august 2007)

  • 2018 PGA of Canada Head Pro Championship (Wigwam AZ) 2nd 71,75,64 

  • 2019 PGA of Canada Head Pro Championship (Wigwam AZ) 3rd 66,71,69 


• 9 career Hole in ones (one on a par 4)

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