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I've become a much improved professional golfer under the tutelage of Matt.  He very bluntly informed me that I am in ignorant golfer (true) and began to teach me in excellent detail of why the ball flies the way it does.  Being a more knowledgeable golfer has improved my training and on course decisions allowing me to become a champion.


—  James Allenby, Professional

2017 Highlights

VGT Vancouver Golf Tour Order of Merit $28,624.17 (new record)

Historic Chilliwack Open. Course Record 63 followed by a new course record 61 to win by 13 shots at -20 

Vancouver Open 69, 70, 66 for $10,000 Victory

“BC Junior week I had a game plan to play smart off the tee and then Matt said hammer driver and make this a pitch and putt and go low. I used that game plan to win the BC Juniors

— Jake Scarrow, Mission BC

2015 BC Junior Champion

Current Kansas State University

NCAA Div 1 

“Cant imagine everything that coach Matt did for my game.  He was a role model and helping me on and off the golf course. When it came to finding schools to go to college he was involved and made the process as stress free as possible.”

— Roy Kang, North Vancouver BC

University of Denver


Coached since he was 13 years old

“I was a terrible golfer and Matt sure let me know it.  With some hard work on my part and a solid gameplan from coach.  I am now a less terrible player and love playing"

— Cameron D, Vancouver BC

“What Matt did for my son will never be forgotten.  He doesn't just coach golf.  He mentors and motivates.  He truly loves what he does and we couldn't have asked for more. A parents dream"

— Kim L (mom)

Langley BC

5 years coaching Son from age 14-18

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